Grizzly Bear – Hollywood Palladium 10/20/09

I love this band and had a great time as usual at their show in Hollywood last week.

They create such beautiful, atmospheric, powerful music that is also incredibly intelligent, deliberate and carefully composed.

You won’t hear radio friendly hooks that get stuck in your head and overstay their welcome.

Instead, the music will haunt you and emerge at the front of our mind when you least expect it.
I find myself occasionally jonesing for this band.. I NEED to hear them in order to satisfy a particular mood or moment I’m in.

Check out their latest album “Vecatimest”, and they’ve also got a song on the “New Moon” soundtrack called “Slow Life”.
Catch them live if you can!
Check out the rest of my photos from this show here: file:///C:/Users/Lori/Grizzly%20Bear%20photos/Grizzly%20Bear/index.html


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