U2 at the Rosebowl, 10-25-09 / YouTube broadcast link

That pretty much sums up the show last night!
I’d read so much about the “claw” stage that I was excited to see it up close and personal! The enormous stage is quite a sight to behold, and is very fan friendly, allowing the band to play truly in the round. I especially liked the rolling “bridges” which crossed from the outer circle catwalk to the inner circle stage. Bono had fun with the crowd while crossing direcly over them on these bridges, it was fun to watch!

Bono sounded great, the Edge’s guitar riffs pierced thru the night in a way that only his can.

Other than the record attendance, another history-making part of the night was the live broadcast of the entire show on YouTube, which seemingly went off without a hitch.

Did you miss it? I was too busy being up close and personal so I’m excited to see this. Check out the YouTube broadcast, in it’s entirety, here – I think the glimpses backstage at the start and end of the show are very cool.

Here’s the setlist:

Photos coming soon..


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