I’m incredibly excited to be back and can’t wait to dive into a new year of music.
I have a music related resolution – I hope to see, hear, learn about, write about and enjoy more diverse  sounds this year..  Get some more variety into my musical “diet”.

CBS’ 60 Minutes this past weekend gave me the perfect launching point, as they did a story about the NYC production of ALIVE!  55+ and Kickin!

It’s musical theater in NYC, in which all of the performers are over 55 years old.  Many came to the open audition out of obscurity, finally able to pursue a life long dream.  Performers range in experience both on stage and in life.  Some have been working full time jobs their whole lives, dreaming of the spotlight one day, while others have served time in jail.
But wow- they can sing!

Taken from their website: “ALIVE is about the healing and transformative power of story and song.  With music ranging from gospel, to soul, to blues, to R&B, to pop and Broadway, ALIVE captures a wide spectrum of the total Black experience in sound.”

Here’s a link to the wonderful piece from 60 Minutes.  And here’s a link to the ALIVE website.
What an incredibly inspiring show.  It speaks to the power of people, and the healing and transformative power of music.   How great would it be to see these kinds of productions in more cities in the US?

Performances resume in the spring at the Dempsey Theater in NYC.  I HOPE I get to NYC to see this, and hope you do too!


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