New Stuff I Like: RYAN AMADOR

“Where do you fall on the spectrum of sexuality?”

A question I’d never asked myself before, but now that I’ve heard Ryan Amador’s song “SPECTRUM”, I can’t stop asking myself that!

Ryan calls his genre “bio soul”,  and expresses himself through songs that are deep in thoughts about love, sex, and human nature itself.  He has a beautiful, crooning voice that belies his young age.

Though “SPECTRUM” is a super catchy, fun little ditty of a tune with a refrain that will stick with you for days, it’s lyrics present underlying questions and a premise that are quite profound.
The song also features wonderful contributions from Jo Lampert and Gyasi Ross.

Spectrum is on the collection of songs called “4S”, which as a whole beautifully captures Ryan’s range as a songwriter and singer.
His music elicits sadness, hope, love, loss, power and joy all at the same time.

Looking forward to a lot more from this talented singer / songwriter!

Check out more from Ryan here:
Ryan Amador homepage
Ryan Amador Facebook


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