Here we are – 2016!  And I am currently ON FIRE in keeping with my resolutions! (For what now, 5 days?!)

I went to a Yoga class this morning, and the theme was “Begin Again”.  Perfect!  So we have a new year, a new theme, a new look and hopefully a new podcast coming this year!

I’ve updated my concert calendar with some fun new shows, and hope to keep a diverse, eclectic show schedule as active as possible.  If you’re a musician or band and are playing in LA – please let me know! I’d love to cover it!

I also added the AlongTheRail photography portfolio.  Click on the link to the left to see some of my favorite photos.  Playing a show in LA and want me to shoot it? Drop me a line!

I also want to hear more from our readers.  What are some of your resolutions – Music related or otherwise?  What shows are you looking forward to in the coming months?  What albums can you not wait to hear? What EXCITES you about the new year?!

Music can be both an independent experience or a highly social and collaborative one. I like both and would be thrilled if a community could arise from these posts this year.  Follow the blog itself, via twitter, email.. Keep in touch and say hi!

And as always – I’m open to and eager to hear new music!  Send me stuff to alongtherailmusic@gmail.com!  Thanks so much to those who have submitted tracks.  We’ll be in touch!

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy and musical new year! Thanks for reading!






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