The Dead Weather

I saw the Dead Weather at the Hollywood Palladium last night – WOOOOOOOWWW..
Jack White and his crew of sexy beasts have launched up to the TOP of my list of the most entertaining acts out there right now.  

The Dead Weather at Outside Lands Festival, 2009. L-R: Dean Fertita, Jack White, Alison Mosshart and Jack Lawrence.

Front-woman Alison Mosshart is insane in the best possible way. She was born to do this.  I love watching her – she’s powerful, commanding, intimidating yet vulnerable, out of control while master of her domain, and feminine and sexy – all at the same time. She’s a hot mess, and she commands just as much if not more attention than the master Jack White.. (Don’t even get me started on how much I love Jack..  That warrants a separate post.)

The Dead Weather – Outside Lands Festival 2009

The chemistry between Jack and Alison is palpable – when they duet on “Will There Be Enough Water”, the crowd can’t contain themselves – people hoot and holler – I tend to think to myself, “wow, this seems like such a private moment for them and I can’t stop watching!”

Jack and Alison performing “Will There Be Enough Water” Outside Lands, 2009.

The music is a thrilling and unique combo of rock, jazz, blues, punk – each member of TDW brings a unique skill set and flavor and they come together to create bone rattling and spine tingling magic.  It’s just SO good, and not for the faint of heart. 

I do have one minor complaint about last night – the lighting design.  Using a combination of harsh and frantic spotlights, smoke and shadow, the object was clearly drama and intensity, and that did come thru.   But, unfortunately, the band was often in the dark, and I wish I could have seen them better for more of the show. 
But, they’re AWESOME and if you haven’t seen them or heard them, check em out! (Especially calling all Led Zepplin, Raconteurs, Kills, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Doors fans..)  TDW has 2 albums out and are on tour now.

Here’s a clip from last night of “Hang You From The Heavens”:


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