A love letter to Amoeba

Dear Amoeba records,  
You’re a little slice of heaven!  

I love everything about you..  (Except for the fact that some parts of you smell a little bit like feet, but we all have smelly feet so it’s ok!)
Let me count the ways in which you make my world a better place..  

I love that you are a mecca for music lovers of all iks.. Guys and gals, hipsters, housewives, young and old, wierdos, couples, singles, kids, families – I saw em all during my visit today.  One nation under Amoeba.

Thank you for being an enabling old friend, encouraging my auditory addictions.  You’re a safe place, a haven where I can wander and lose myself, yet not feel judged or hurried.  Nope, I don’t know what I’m looking for, but it’s ok!  I can wander the same aisle 6 times and never feel like I’m taking up too much of your time.

Tonight I started to feel guilty for having 7 CD’s in my basket..”Do I really need all these?”  “Isn’t this a bit excessive?!”  At the same time justifying, “well, I’m getting most of them used, so it’s not that bad”  And then, just before I started the painful process of editing my treasures, you showed me the guy whose basket was overflowing it was so full of stuff.. And that’s when you’re the host of the best support group ever!
I know I’m not alone in my obsession.  I only have 7 CD’s!  That guy has at least 17!  Let’s keep shopping!!!

I love your sights, sounds, and smells…  (except for the aforementioned “feet” smell.  There are good smells too!  Because of the digital age I forgot how great CD’s smell.)
I’m a kid in a candy store in your embrace.
You’re a wonderful feast for the senses.  Your walls cluttered so right with posters, album covers and flyers..  Some advertising times long gone by and some alerting me to events in the future.   Some of the old times I wish I could have experienced first hand.  But it’s ok.. I’m happy to experience them thru you now. 

Thank you Amoeba for guiding me to my muse for this post –  Led Zepplelin’s II album.  How have I lived this long and not owned this album?! You helped me to stumble upon this gem amongst all of your riches. Without your welcoming aisles, I would have missed this auditory elixer.

Thanks to you, I’m going to be prepared for Lollapalooza next weekend! You’re a trusty study buddy who is tutoring me towards an “A” on the big exam.  And I’m gonna wear your T-shirt in Chicago so that everyone knows where my heart lies. 

You’re an amazing inspiration and you made my weekend.
I look forward to seeing you again soon.


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