How Spotify is like a pair of boots…

Spotify. How many discussions have been had about this already?!  Too many.  But here’s my take:

I’ve been using Spotify for a few months now, and I liken the experience to that of buying new fall boots.  All the fashion mags start writing about the “must have boot for fall!”  Ohh!  I want those! I see them in the store, and I have em cuz, you know, “must have!”  I already have boots kinda like em, but, those are old.  These are NEW!
So I get the new boots and wear them and think, “hmm..maybe they don’t really look good on MY feet.” And then as they start to break in and become mine, I realize I’m probably gonna love em for a long time.

So it’s been with Spotify – only I’m cheap and haven’t paid anything for it yet.. So, admittedly, maybe I’m not getting the full experience. I still like my old “boots”, known as MOG, and am not quite ready to part with it.

My favorite use of Spotify is in creating a list of new stuff I like and bands that I want to keep an eye on.  I’m not too sure about most of these bands yet, I haven’t seen most of them live, but there’s something that gets my attention and I want to be able to revisit them easily.
I’ve created a playlist- I call it, “New Stuff I Like”.   How original is that?!

I’ll be updating this as often as I stumble on something interesting.  Stay tuned..
Here’s the link: Follow me on Spotify

Would love to hear your thoughts, feelings, reflections on Spotify too.  Share any feedback in the comments section.
Till next time,


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