DIGGIN IT.. The Parrots "I Am A Man"

I’m BACK!!
Sorry – it’s been a long time.  Any readers I once had are gone, so, I see this as a rebirth, a relaunch, a FRESH START!
What better way to come back than to intro a new “feature” to this little blog..  I’ll call it “Diggin It”.
Every time I post at “Diggin It”, you’ll get a new, fresh, fun track that I’m diggin’.  Easy, right?

Here’s “Diggin It” entry # 1!

It’s from THE PARROTS, a three piece from Madrid – and it jangles along and has me chair dancing at my desk, picturing a big party and wishing I was watching them on the pier in Santa Monica.
They just released a video for this song.  Check it out here:  The Parrots “I Am A Man”

Doesn’t this song sound like it should be in a commercial?!  
Here’s their sound cloud page – lots of great stuff.  The Parrots Soundcloud

The Line Of Best Fit reports that The Parrots are working on a new EP, and touring in Europe in the near future.  Looking forward to seeing these boys in the USA soon!

By the way, if you want more installments of “Diggin It” without any commentary, check out my Spotify playlist, “New Stuff I Like 2014”.  I’ve been keeping that for the whole year and I update it often.   New Stuff I Like 2014


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