JOSE JAMES – Sonos Studio 9/15/14

Jose James is one talented cat…

Blending jazz, pop, hip-hop, electronic music and soul into a sound and a style that just grabs a hold of you from the inside whether you like it or not.
Last night at the cool performance space that is Sonos Studio in Los Angeles, Jose and his talented band and female vocalist Talia Billig took the small stage by storm.
Promoting his fifth album, “While You Were Sleeping”, he played a tight set to the crowd which was markedly quiet – but it was because we didn’t want to MISS A THING!

I loved everything Jose did, but, especially the seriously funky “U R The One”.
There’s an unresolved, sexy tension in this song – set up by Jose’s smooth vocals and cemented by the delayed, hesitant snare – it literally makes you lean forward, you WANT that beat to drop, and when it does it’s so satisfying.  It’s creative and effective!
Listen Here.

Jose is performing in Los Angeles at the Troubadour this Saturday night 9/20.  Highly recommended!   Tickets here
Jose James Website:
Get Jose’s new album, “While You Were Sleeping”  from iTunes.


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