LUCINDA WILLIAMS @ Way Over Yonder 9/26/14

The Way Over Yonder Fest is happening at the Santa Monica Pier for the second year this weekend.
It’s a unique environment for a festival – at the edge of the sea, cool ocean breezes in the air, volleyball players on the pier below, hard core music fans mixing with tourists and casual observers- and great music on a small, well curated main stage.

Last night, Lucinda Williams performed many songs off her upcoming new album – due 9/30, “Where The Spirit Meets The Bone”.  Pre-order it  HERE.

A talented song writer, her new material continues to support that accolade. She’s a seasoned story teller, and has a “devil may care” command of the stage that’s really fun to watch.
Her voice is equally weathered and powerful. She conveys credibility and experience.  There are a lot of singers that sing about frustration in love and life, but, when it comes from Lucinda, there’s an extra level of “yeah, she knows what she’s talking about”.  Her music combines the blues, country and rock in a seamless way.

Though it’s not a new song, I love “Righteously” – specifically the great line, “Be my lover, don’t play no game, just play me John Coltrane”.  A sentiment shared by lots of ladies, judging by the reaction by the crowd every time she sang it.

Her backing band was also impressive – Stuart Mathis on Guitar, David Sutton on Bass, and Butch Norton behind a huge drum kit.
You can catch her live at the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco on October 3, and she’s out with a full tour starting in November.  
See her website for dates:


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