FIVE FOR FRIDAY – 5 New Songs To Start Your Summer!

Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Whether your plan is to hit the beach, have a BBQ, check out a music festival or just kick it by the pool, here are some great new, summery tunes!

1) NIGHTAIR “Clouds”

These SoCal rockers have bottled summer in this tune.  It just oozes joy – complete with a happy go lucky “I’m alright, I’m ok hey hey” rallying cry.

Nightair:  Instagram  Twitter  Facebook  Soundcloud

2) KID ASTRAY “Diver”

A fun, carefree sounding tune from this Norwegian group.

Kid Astray: Tumblr  Twitter  Facebook  Soundcloud

3) KINGDOMS “Capture The Moon”

Love the synthy pop vibe to this song from the LA based band.

Kingdoms: Website  Twitter  Facebook  Soundcloud

4) PATRICK JAMES “California Song”

A beautiful tune from the Australian crooner.

Patrick James: Website  Twitter  Facebook  Soundcloud


This sexy soundscape is perfect for the end of a long day – This is just what you need when relaxing in the hot tub.

Alina Baraz: Facebook  Twitter  Soundcloud

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