FIVE FOR FRIDAY – Belated Birthday edition

I missed last week because it was my birthday… Sorry about that.  But, back this week with 5 new songs for your listening pleasure!

First up – PALACE – a band from London that I’ve already been watching for some time.  I love everything I’ve heard so far, and they put this new song “Kilorean” out recently.  Another winner, in my opinion!  It’s dreamy and relaxed and bluesy yet happy sounding – put this on, pour a cocktail, go out to your yard or patio and say, “HELLLOOOO  WEEKEND!”

Their debut album is out in June and I can’t wait!  They’ve also got some tour dates in the UK this summer (jealous..) See their website for info.


Next – another band from the UK. (No surprise there – I seem to love a lot that comes from across the pond!) This is ECHOTAPE.  “All My Days” is a ridiculously fun, song with major party anthem potential.. This is destined to be played on festival fields.. The catchy lyric “All my days are rolling into one, my head’s like a sieve and I’m sinking some” – pretty much describes everyone at a festival anyway. Check it out and just try not to bop along:

Check out their Facebook page for a video of a recent TV appearance.


Third up we have FROOGLE & ALEXA HARLEY – with “Falling Down”.  This is a gorgeous, powerful song, off the collaboration EP, “Tunnel Vision”  From his Facebook, “Froogle fuses elements of jazz and r&b with state of the art electronics.”  – that combination works wonderfully here:



The next band brings me closer to home.  SMOKE SEASON – a LA based boy/girl duo known for their genre bending “electro soul”.  They’re sexy, sultry, and kick ass.. They’re playing “Brokechella” this weekend in LA – I hope to check em out.  Here’s their song “Bees”:


And finally for this Friday – AQUILO.  Check out this gorgeous downtempo R & B tinged break up anthem  “Better Off Without You”:

If you live in the UK, you can see this English duo live this summer.  Hey Aquilo, please come play LA soon!!




I am going to see Glass Animals tonight in LA and have been looking forward to this show for MONTHS!  So in honor of tonight, here are some songs from Glass Animals.  Beware – this music will cause grooving / head bobbing / swaying.  Enjoy!

Glass Animals have become one of my favorite bands of late – I love the groovy, smooth, electro sound. It’s both mellow and energetic.  I can’t listen to anything from them while sitting still, and can’t wait to be in a GA crowd to experience these songs live tonight!

They’re a four piece of childhood friends from Oxford England – their debut album, Zaba, came out last year.  Hope they don’t keep us waiting too long for more great sounds.

They’re on tour now, headed all over the US this summer.  Check em out if you can!  TOUR DATES


FIVE for FRIDAY – 5 new songs to kick off the weekend!

It’s the end of the week!  Here’s a diverse mix of 5 new songs to get you to and thru a great weekend!

1) JAALA – Double Dutch (Demo)

A brand new 3 piece girl band from Australia who describe themselves as “experimental bedroom punk”.  I love em already!  This song starts out sounding groovy, smooth, funky – and just when you start to think you know where it’s going..BAM!  It becomes something else entirely.  But it’s somehow both jarring AND seamless and it’s a fun sonic journey.  Per their Facebook page, they played their first ever gig just this past month, and they have a forthcoming debut album coming out. Can’t wait to hear more from these talented ladies!

JAALA Soundcloud

JAALA Facebook

2) ON AN ON – Drifting

I LOVE this song.  Simply put – it’s just so pretty, but also paints a dramatic cinematic picture.  This would be a great song to sync to a scene – it conveys so much angst and trepidation, lost love and uncertainty.  And it builds to such a fantastic climax!  In their own words, “Drifting is inspired by falling asleep behind the wheel and trying to forget unforgettable things. We’ve never had a song that sounded this naked.”  This band is on tour as I type thru 4/11 – playing Washington DC tonight, Chicago 3/30 – see their website for more dates.  They’ve also got a new album coming out this summer.

On An On Website

On An On Facebook

On An On Twitter

3) COVES – Shot To The Wall

The kick ass guitar riff in this song is reason enough to give it a listen!  There’s not too much happening lyrically but, it doesn’t matter.  It’s groovy and croony and reverby, and a great weekend tune!  They just wrapped up a headlining tour in the UK and their new album drops in April.

Coves Website

Coves Facebook

Coves Twitter


When I hear this, I just want to be getting in my car, and saying “PEACE OUT” to a long work week.. This is another great song for sync placement.  Soooooooo groovy.  It’s got such a strong vibe, with a couple distinct sections that give this tune definite momentum.  I love what this self proclaimed UK based “anti genre music producer” is doing and if you’re not bopping along to this in some way, well, then you must not be hearing it at all! There’s a free download of this song on his soundcloud page, link below.

Whispa Facebook

Whispa Twitter

Whispa Soundcloud

5) GALIMATIAS – Ocean Floor Kisses

And now, something for when you get home, open that bottle of wine, or draw that bath, or light that joint, or whatever it is that settles you down..  This beautiful sonic-sphere from this talented Danish producer does have an almost liquid sound to it, some of the chords seem to come and go in bubbles.  Just sit back, relax, and enjoy….

Galimatias Facebook

Galimatias Twitter 

Galimatias Soundcloud